Barbara A Baker
Holistic Life Coach     Animal Communicator     Energy Intuitive

Energy Intuitive

Awareness beyond the ordinary fabric of physical reality; experienced empathic and interpreter

Animal Communicator

Best practices of inter-species communication serving both you & your beloved animal(s) whether here or in spirit

Holistic Life Coach

Experiential spiritual/mental/emotional/physical transformational techniques to help you clear, align, balance, and re-pattern
Barbara A Baker MBA, DN

                       888.389.0389 toll free 24/7 vm


Professionally Serving People, Places & Animals since 1996

by appointment via telephone
or at your site by arrangement

Barbara is also an experienced and passionate NGO volunteer and consultant in So. India and the Pacific NW.

For information about Barbara's service to NGO's (not-for-profit, non-government agencies) please email or call for details of consultations, experiences, administrative services, and/or list of current and prior clients.

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